Jamie Milne Training


A Teaching Story



We were engaged by Jamie Milne to create a feature length documentary as the first film in a ten part series. Shot in three countries over two months in remote locations the film was fun and challenging. The film was released in cinemas and is now available on demand.

After a decade dedicated to his cause, Many Miles for Mary, Jamie starts a new journey, one of personal discovery.

Over the decade, 2019 – 2029, the project called ‘WariuaSpirit’ will explore the powerful, often invisible, drivers of the human spirit in response to extreme physical demands.

Jamie, himself no stranger to long distance running, has selected ten of the toughest ultramarathons on Earth; each known for a particular level of discomfort which must be conquered by those who toe the starting line and hold aspirations to cross the finish line.

In the first film of the series Jamie tackles the HURT100 in Oahu, Hawaii. Unofficially recognised as the toughest trail ultra on the planet it pushes Jamie to explore his own beliefs surrounding one of his favourite sayings ‘Get comfortable being uncomfortable’.



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