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Videos are an integral part of our internet experience.

5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube and 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day. We use YouTube to watch “How To” videos and Facebook for sharing humorous content. And we tap onto Instagram to see product reviews and workout videos.

But more often than not, these videos are simply just capturing a moment or product.

When does a video become a film?

A film tells a story

When you direct your phone at a sunrise on your holiday and upload it to Instagram, you offer your audience a small snapshot of your day. You don’t offer the story leading up to the Sunrise – the moments you were climbing out of bed or reaching to turn your coffee machine on. It captures one moment in time.

A film, on the other hand, goes more into details. You are creating a visual story for the audience and taking them on a journey.

A film is more of a documenting process

A film requires planning and preparation. It is not simply getting out a camera to update your audience on your whereabouts or new product. With a film, each shot and frame is carefully selected to tell a story. A subject or place is selected to dive deeper into its history.

A film aims to convey a message

When a video is posted to social media, the caption often explains and elaborates on the content. With a film, the message is conveyed in the content itself.

A film aims to take the audience on a journey – It is engaging, perspective-changing and carefully curated.

A film is shot with the viewing experience in mind

Scenes are shot and organised to make the audience feel a certain way. A film aims to excite and engage the audience. If you watch a film that ignites your curiosity about the world, prompts you to ask questions and feel a certain emotion, that is more than likely intentional.

Videos don’t always have an intention for the experience of the audience in mind. How many times do you leave Instagram feeling something after watching someone explain how amazing their new hair curler is?

Whilst there are a lot of people sharing videos on social media, there are also accounts that share films and dive deeper into storytelling. Both can be essential for sharing all aspects of your business. At Shot Imagery, we are all about storytelling and using films to better connect to and engage audiences. If there’s a story you want to tell, please get in touch.

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