Native or Embedded?

Harness the power of your social media platform.

I just spoke about the power of YouTube, and now I’m going to tell you when you shouldn’t use it.

You shouldn’t embed YouTube videos when you’re going to post on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn…..UNLESS your strategy is to drive traffic through YouTube.

Native video is the answer. What is native video? You might ask.

Native video is a video file that has been uploaded directly to your platform of choice, eg. Facebook. Facebook then compresses and optimises the data for delivery to your audience.

How much of a difference does it make?

Well, social media analytics provider Quintly analysed 6.2 million posts across 167, 000 unique profiles and found native videos performed better.

…110% more interactions and 478% more shares to be precise.

Profiles with more than 10 million followers tend to use native Facebook video the most — big business tends to learn the fastest!

Studies on the use of native video on other platforms have shown similar results.

If you think about it, it all makes sense. Why would a platform reward you (the poster) for taking viewers (your audience) into another system, exposing the viewers to ads outside of their control and possibly losing their attention?

So to get the most out of the platforms you use, post natively, UNLESS you have a specific strategy that requires embedded content.

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