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Converting someone from having awareness of your brand to making a purchase is the crux of your business.

You can think of a sales funnel as the journey each person takes from the moment they visit your website or a social media site, to the moment they purchase your service or product. Visually this looks like a funnel because there are more people who have awareness of your service or product (top of the funnel) than those who make a purchase (bottom of the funnel).

The people at the top have shown interest in your business. Perhaps they have wandered into your store to browse your products or clicked onto your website to see what services you provide. Essentially they are on the search for something and are starting to do a little research of what’s out there.

In the middle of the funnel is the consideration stage where people are contemplating your service or product. They are now looking to make a decision and solve their problem. This is when a potential customer is deciding if your service/product is a good fit for them – and hence where you have a chance to convert them from a prospect into a lead.

How can you help potential customers become committed customers at this stage?

It’s essential to understand your customers’ queries and concerns with making a decision at this stage. Have people decided against your service in the past because they don’t feel confident in the quality of your work? Or perhaps you don’t offer a lot of information about your services.

It’s also essential to know why customers decide to purchase from you in this consideration stage – That way you can cover all the bases – and provide adequate information so their ‘maybe’ becomes a ‘yes’.

One of the most effective ways to accurately present information to your customers and ensure you provide answers to their concerns is videos.

Using videos in your sales funnel, you can:

Save time

With a library of videos at your fingertips, you can provide potential customers with information rather than having them ask you through email or phone. You can add these to your website or include them in your sales email.

Ensure every customer gets the same message

If information is spread out amongst your website, customers may see different information about your product or services. With a video on the front page of your website, you ensure every customer who sees this video has the same information.

Engaging format

A video is an opportunity to visually engage and attract customers – One-third of online activity is spent watching video after all!

At Shot Imagery, we are a creative team focussed on creating engaging visuals for businesses. If you’re interested in creating videos for your sales funnel, we’d love to find out more about your business and how we can help.

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