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It is a crisp winter night. Stars sparkle brightly against the dark sky as a fire blazes around a collection of wood, sticks and newspaper shreds. Around the fire, people roast marshmallows on sticks and listen intently to a man in a white cap. He speaks of a time ten years ago, when he was twenty-four and adventured across India for six months. He speaks of the struggles, the joy, the friends he met, and the culture he came to know almost as well as his own.

Storytelling around a campfire dates back to ancient times – thousands and thousands of years ago. Even if our world has evolved since then, and we now have marshmallows to roast, the power of storytelling remains much the same.

Why are stories so powerful?

Storytelling is powerful in many ways.

It all relates back to the way our brains are wired. A story allows us to find out where someone came from, their struggles and common interests. It allows us to create a bond, even with a stranger (thanks to oxytocin).

Stories are also better for our memory – We are more likely to remember a story that was exciting or emotional, over a list of words.

What makes good story-telling?

Delivery is everything.
Stories that are delivered with the same emotion that the experience itself provoked enables the audience to be transported. A good story captures our attention by building tension, relating to the audience and showing vulnerability. This helps to create a stronger bond with the audience.

How can story-telling be used to engage an audience?

When you consider what kind of information is not very interesting for an audience, what do you think of? A powerpoint with 400 words of 12-sized text? Someone reading a textbook with no enthusiasm? To engage an audience, information just won’t do.

A story is compelling and engaging for an audience because it feels more organic and natural. You take the audience on a journey and bring them into your world. And luckily we don’t have to bring our audience on a camping adventure and sit them around a fire to have the same engaging effect. Stories can now be written up and placed on your website, or captured visually in a video.

At Shot Imagery, we are a creative team focused on finding and telling stories. Whether you’re in Brisbane, The Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, our team will come to you. We would love to help your business better engage your audience through visual storytelling.

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