At Shot Imagery, we are storytellers. When you need videography services for your business, you can be ensured a beautifully constructed story that will better connect you with your audience.

When you use videos in your business, you are allowing your audience to connect to a voice, a person and a story. Through video, you can take the viewer on a journey and deliver your message in a way that is engaging and interesting. 

When Shot Imagery is your videography team, you can be assured professionalism, integrity and respect throughout every step of the production process. Whether you have a vision for how video can help with your business, or need some creative input and direction, we can help. 

Video can be used in multiple domains of your business to save you time and better connect with your audience. 


Corporate promotional films showcase what you do. If your audience doesn’t know what you do, how can they ever buy your products or engage your services. Our corporate promotional films will engage your audience with beautiful cinematic stories that drive action.

Trust is built through relationships and people buy from people they trust. If you need to educate your audience on who you are, what you do and more importantly, why you do it. A corporate story builds a relationship with your audience.

Do you have an upcoming event or workshop, and want to ensure its captured for your online audience, advertising or promotional content? Shot Imagery has the equipment, team and experience to produce a high-quality video that captures the essence of your event.

Encouraging your clients or customers to learn more about what you do is a great way to keep them connected with your brand. Educate them on the service you provide, or how to use your product. You can also direct customers to your educational videos if they need help, or use them as an incentive when buying your product.

Our documentary films tell the stories that need to be told. If you’ve got a story that needs a voice give us a call.

Shot Imagery is a leader in live streaming solutions and corporate storytelling. Our live streaming solutions deliver flexible, scalable options to engage 1 or 100,000 people; live, wherever they are.

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Our live streaming solution delivers beautifully shot, cinematic ceremonies, live to your family and friends; wherever they are.

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If you have footage you’ve captured and you need an editor, give us a call, we’ll see what we can do.

With a library of staff training videos, you can ensure all new staff members get the same message.

With a testimonial video, you can provide potential clients with an honest and authentic appraisal of your business. A written testimonial can be powerful, but video takes that to a new level. When your potential customer sees another person, just like them, who has benefited from your service, it enables them to create a better connection. 

We believe in the power of communication through videos and photography. We’re also convinced that miniaturisation and technology have democratised film making and photography.

So where does that leave a business who makes a living from film making and photography?

That leaves us ideally positioned and qualified to help our clients to understand how and where to use video or photo in their sales process. It also allows us to provide training on the creative and technical aspects of our profession. That enables our clients to adopt practices in their businesses that utilise the power of video and photography to strengthen their vision.

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Anyone can take a photo, but when your business needs high-quality, professional images, it’s time to consult an experienced photographer. And at Shot Imagery, we are passionate about telling stories through images. Our team understands every brand is different and has different creative and visual ideas. We work with you to create images that you can proudly use with your business.

We have a reputation for being reliable, professional and determined to capture your story, whatever it takes. 

Professional photographs can be used in a variety of aspects of your business. 


Your team makes up your brand. These are the people that your clients or customers will be communicating with. When you have team photos, you can also create connections with potential customers before they’ve decided to buy from you. Whether you have a small team or large team, we aim to capture the individuality and story of each employee.

Behind the scenes images allow you to demonstrate your product or service and educate your audience on what your business does. We can capture the creation of your product, show your audience the hard work ethic of your employees or provide insight into what it’s like to work with you!

If you have an upcoming event, the team at Shot Imagery will go above and beyond to capture all the very best angles and moments. You can feel at ease knowing our previous clients say we fade into the background at events – you’ll forget we we’re even there!

Don’t just tell people what you do, show them what you do. Photographs offer you the opportunity to show potential clients or customers what your product or service is about. Whether you want to capture high-quality images of the work you do, or ways to use and implement your product, our team can help.

Regardless of your marketing strategy, images are invaluable for connecting with your audience. We can create a library of content for you to use on your website or social media platforms.

Using images, you can demonstrate to your audience how to best use your product or service.

Content Strategy Development

Shot Imagery can help you to define new customer-friendly, low-cost ways to promote your core values, brand awareness and content, and to target and nurture key relationships as well as to reach and educate a highly engaged audience that will stay connected at every stage of an innovative, strong sales cycle.


When our time on earth is done, we want to have made a difference, we want to have left a legacy for the next generation.

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