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Shot Imagery has extensive experience in the operation of remote aircraft. We combine our passion for cinematography with our technical skills to offer outstanding visuals captured safely.

We are a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved operator which means your business and reputation is protected.


phōtos (light) graphé (drawing) – drawing with light

Photography was the foundation skill of our business. Photography requires the ability to convey a brand’s inspiration, difference and emotion in a single frame. A master of photography reads light and paints with it. If you have a project, we can help


Shot Imagery has extensive experience in post-production techniques from editing to colour-correction and grading. Our cutting-edge editing systems can deliver content for distribution on internet platforms to broadcast television and cinemas.


Shot Imagery is a leader in live streaming and remote production. Our solutions deliver flexible, scalable and secure options. Our live streaming platforms can reach 1 or 100,000 people; live, wherever they are.

We can host live streams on white label sites or provide embed codes to support the stream from your site. We can even support a live chat capability.

If remote delivery of your event, announcement or meeting is something you need we can provide advice on a range of distribution methods which will ensure your message is received and you see a return on your investment.


Films are a powerful tool in any system or process that requires repeatability, precise delivery of information or remote delivery.

Training content, automated sales or after sales processes and branded educational content are perfect examples of some of the many types of films we can produce; optimising your business by saving you time and ultimately money.

At Shot Imagery we’ll guide you through a range of formats which have been proven to deliver results to businesses.


Some films aren’t about a product or brand, they're about unique stories that engage audiences and capture their imagination.

The world is full of amazing story to tell; documentaries are the perfect way to tell these stories in a way that informs and entertains.

Our team have created short-from documentaries and feature length documentaries. Our films have been aired on streaming services and in cinemas, and we’ve been commissioned to work on all seven continents.


Brand films cinematically demonstrate the essence of a brand. Films are the perfect way to communicate a brand’s inspiration, difference and emotion. At Shot Imagery we’ll guide you through a range of story formats that have been proven to deliver results; resulting in a film that inspires audiences, raises awareness and drives impact.


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