How to harness the power of video

Everyone says ‘video is king’ and ‘if you’re not using video you’ll get left behind’.

I’ll be the first to admit that video is a powerful tool for engaging and holding the attention of your audience. And, like most things it’s not as simple as that.

How can video be so powerful? Well, it’s a tool that stimulates you through both visual and auditory inputs, evoking emotional responses through a combination of imagery, sounds, music, text, graphics etc. Much of this happens at a subconscious level for your audience, linking ideas, memories and thoughts rapidly together in response to the incoming stimuli. So yes, it can be powerful.

Video is a tool, it’s the hair dresser’s scissors, the architect’s design software and the mathematician’s calculator. Each one of them important and simultaneously useless without the creativity, style or genius of the expert using them.

What’s my point? Video is a delivery medium, a tool for engaging your audience and delivering a message and it is amazing.

If I was going to update the common statement ‘video is king’ I’d make it ‘story is king’ and video is the trustworthy messenger who delivers the message with style and ceremony to your audience. So, do you need video? Yes, and before you create anything you need your brand story. You need to be clear on who you’re trying to communicate with, what problem your solving for them and where they hang out; in the real and digital world.

For maximum engagement your brand story needs to be authentic, relatable/understandable, solve a problem and it needs to build trust; because ‘people buy from people/brands they trust’. Understanding your story and the message you want to deliver is critical to creating content that will engage your audience and show them the benefits of your product or service.

We’ve been studying human behaviour and the process of storytelling for years and it’s part of what makes our approach unique. Understanding the business, their goals, aspirations and audience, learning about their unique propositions and then helping them find their brand story is what we do; whatever it takes.

We’ve enjoyed the journey and for those of you who want to explore this topic, we’d recommend a little research to help you discover your story. Simon Sinek authored ‘Start with Why’ he touches on some of the key points in this video. Another great resource is ‘Building a Brand Story’ by Donald Miller, this book will walk you through the process of understanding your story and clearly articulating it to your audience so they understand what you do and how you help make their life easier.

Of course, if you are time-poor, or reading is not your thing, or maybe you prefer to work through this with someone there are experts around who can help find and tell your story. The combination of your amazing story and the power of video is a perfect winner to deliver results.

So remember, you don’t just need a video, you need your brand story to go with it.

‘Story is king and video is the perfect way to share it’.

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