End Child Sacrifice


Commercial Video Production & Cinematography in Sunshine Coast

Uganda is experiencing a rather unique form of human rights issue, namely child sacrificing. Child sacrifice generally occurs within a rural village setting. Child sacrifice is an economically influenced human rights violation, done in secrecy and hard to catch the offenders. There is a supply and demand chain created with very rich people involved.

The effects of child sacrificing are far-reaching. Not surprising, there is the emotional and psychological trauma endured by the families and close acquaintances of the victim.

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Corporate Promotional

Chamonix Rain Organics

The ocean, sand, clean, bright tones and families are intrinsically tied to Chamonix Rain Organics’ brand. To celebrate the US launch of this Australian success story, we created this promotional video for use with their point of sale branding.

Corporate Story

Feed For Thought ‘Our Story’

With the ambitious goal of creating a business that changes the world, Alison set out to make sustainable pet food. Her dream was to develop food for our pets, that was good for them and our planet. In the process, she brought together a community to help realise her dream.

Corporate Promotional

What’s the Mark Lawler Difference

Trust is critical in any successful relationship; a sales process follows the same rules as a healthy relationship. The depth of the relationship is dependant on the level of investment. To help develop trust for Mark, we created a short testimonial film that builds on our mantra ‘know, like, trust’.

Corporate Story

Good Harvest ‘Our Story’

To feed 1000 families every week on the Sunshine Coast, Good Harvest Organic Farm wants to change the relationship people have with food and educate them on where food really comes from.

Personal Story

Jessica + Benjamin

When Jess and Ben decided to get married at an incredible beachside villa in Bali, we decided that we had to tell their story. The only trick for this wedding film was that our Creative Director and camera operator was the Best Man, it was going to be interesting trying to capture the wedding and fulfil the obligations of the role. It was a little bit crazy, but great fun sharing this ride.

Social Teaser

Judy Copley Couture

In the lead up to Judy Copley’s runway show 2019 we collaborated with models, makeup artists, florists, photographers and of course Judy and her incredible couture collection, to create a series of teasers for her runway show.


Cook Islands

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Wairua Spirit HURT100


Jamie, himself no stranger to long distance running, has selected ten of the toughest ultramarathons on Earth; each known for a particular level of discomfort which must be conquered by those who toe the starting line and hold aspirations to cross the finish line.

In the first film of the series Jamie tackles the HURT100 in Oahu, Hawaii. Unofficially recognised as the toughest trail ultra on the planet it pushes Jamie to explore his own beliefs surrounding one of his favourite sayings ‘Get comfortable being uncomfortable’.


You Can Save a Child

I went to Uganda to create films to help raise awareness of organisations who are doing amazing work to protect children and offer them a brighter future.
This film is about the charity, Droplets in a Stream and the work they are supporting in the slums of Nateete in Kampala, Uganda.

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“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
“Black and white are the colors of photography. They symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is subjected.”