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Corporate Film Production, Video Production & Cinematography in Sunshine Coast

We’re a creative team focussed on finding and telling stories, and for you, that means helping your business share your offerings with your audience.

But that’s not our sole reason for being. When our time on earth is done, we want to have made a difference, we want to have left a legacy for the next generation. Our whole team is passionate about telling stories that need to be told. So we create artefacts, in the form of films and photos, that will outlive us and hopefully be an important part of the cultural reference for our generation.

That’s why we love what we do.

Shot Imagery: Videography, Film Production, Cinematography, Storytelling & Video Marketing in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Surrounding Areas

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Meet The Team

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Nick Andrew DSM APVP APP

Creative Director + Founder

A highly decorated commando officer in his former life, Nick was trained as a photographer for missions while serving as a special forces sniper. During his time in the military, he saw the best and worst in people and saw lives cut short. It was these experiences that shaped his future, setting him on a path to create artefacts, in the form of films and photographs, that document the people and places around us. Nick is the Creative Director of Shot Imagery, a digital production studio, delivering content to businesses around the world. He brings discipline and attention to detail to his creations, delivering beautifully constructed stories that will help your business grow.

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Danielle Jury

Director + Founder

Danielle has a colourful background that started in business administration, included over a decade in the military as a diesel mechanic, two psychology degrees, and extensive business management experience. She has spent half her life moving around Australia and the world, observing the social psychology of people everywhere she travelled. Her empathy and love of people drive her passion to tell people’s stories so that they evoke emotion. With the belief that every business deserves amazing content, Danielle is driven to ensuring our work will help your business grow.

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Ben Knibb

Editor + Colourist + Cinematographer

A gifted musician and passionate traveller of the world, Ben’s primary role is crafting your story together in our editing suite, bringing the visuals, dialogue, sound effects and soundtrack together in one powerful and emotive piece. An experienced colourist he creates the visual feel of your film, working with colour to engage your audience and create emotion. A multi-skilled professional, Ben also works behind the camera as a cinematographer and puts his experience as a musician to excellent use when capturing audio on set.

Our Values


Only from a place of respect for you as an individual, for your brand and your business can we share your story with authenticity.


Our love of videography and photography comes from a willingness to keep learning. Quitting is never an option. You can’t achieve excellence without grit.


Some of our greatest opportunities in life present themselves at a time of maximum adversity. It’s how you show up in the face of fear that defines you.


The basis of our imagery is how you make people feel. Because life is short and you aren’t remembered by what you did, but by how you made an impact.


We delivered everything with integrity and transparency producing everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


Through our imagery we elevate your business from professional to expert, leaving your business in better shape than when arrived.

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