Every year we aim to be involved with a cause that is changing the world for the better. In 2019 we worked with two organisations working to save children in Africa. We travelled to Uganda to create films that would touch hearts and bring the unthinkable to the forefront of people’s minds. Both of these films won awards, but more importantly they raised awareness.

Our film ‘End Child Sacrifice’ has been screened globally in boardrooms, film festivals and charity dinners. To date the film has contributed to efforts that have raised $330,000+ to rescue children from ritual murder. 




Our Creative Director is an Accredited Professional Video Producer and Accredited Professional Photographer with titles earned by completing the rigorous Australian Institute of Professional Photography accreditation process. 

This gives you confidence that we are a proven, experienced, technically capable, professional practitioners who comply with all legal business requirements, have appropriate insurance and are willing to agree to the mandatory Code of Professional Practice and to the requirement to continually improve our skills by committing to continue our professional development.



Shot Imagery is the holder of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator's Certificate (ReOC). A ReOC allows Shot Imagery to legally operate as a drone service provider, earning money for hire or reward, employ remote pilots and, with prior approval, fly outside the drone safety rules - also known as the standard operating conditions. 




Shot Imagery is a veteran owned business. Our founder and Creative Director served for over a decade. His service has shaped his contextual understanding of the world and our approach to filmmaking. 

We are proud to support other veteran businesses as they continue to serve their communities. 


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