We do whatever it takes 

….to find and tell your story, to engage your audience and deliver your message through film and stills

Are your competitors captivating your clients with pro films and flashy stills?

You’re still using the same generic imagery in your marketing campaigns, but your brand has evolved and grown – why hasn’t the way you market your business? You’ve considered videography and photography from a professional studio, but you don’t have the time or the money to get yourself out of this marketing rut.

Your staff have worked hard to build client relationships, and you don’t want to risk them because you can’t communicate your vision clearly. Your competitors are captivating your clients, and your message is getting lost and forgotten.

We can help. At Shot Imagery, we’re more than a videography and photography studio, we offer a straight forward, full spectrum approach to solving your digital content problems, and unlike other video production companies we travel to any location across Australia. 

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Who We Are



We’re a creative team focussed on finding and telling stories, and for you, that means helping your business share your offerings with your audience.

But that’s not our sole reason for being. When our time on earth is done, we want to have made a difference, we want to have left a legacy for the next generation. Our whole team is passionate about telling stories that need to be told. So we create artefacts, in the form of films and photos, that will outlive us and hopefully be an important part of the cultural reference for our generation.

That’s why we love what we do. 

How do I get started?

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Tell us about your business goals and outcomes

Work with us to find your story

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We’ll listen to your needs and goals

We’ll provide expert advice

We’ll deliver on our agreements

Video production and commercial photography that delivers in 3 steps

Step 1: Pre-Production

Our specialised crew help you define the outcomes of your project and conceptualise your ideas to get the ball rolling. We take the time to learn what your business (and your customers) value and need, to deliver a fully customised video production service and photography package that engages, builds trust and confidence in your brand.

Step 2: Production

Our quality videography and photography studio will handle all the production logistics for you, so you can do what you do best – running your business. We stick to the schedule, so you don’t go over time (because we know time is money).

Step 3: Post-Production

This is where we polish your brand and make it shine. Our specialist crew begin editing, keeping you in the loop so you stay in control throughout the entire process. And we know your investment is important to you, so it’ll always be backed up and secure. We guarantee the end product will be something you’re proud of.

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“Nick is a rock star in the video world! I asked Nick to film a workshop I ran with 60 attendees. The purpose was to have marketing content and education content for future advertising campaigns and also internal training videos. Nick turned up with 3 cameras, multiple mics, and filmed from several angles.

The greatest part was he was not noticeable and didn’t interfere with the delivery. I was told Shot Imagery produced high-quality work and this is 100% true. Cannot thank them enough. Well done Nick. Cheers.”

Wade Grundon, Owner, The Sales Squad

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